About four years ago, I decided to try this thing called ‘hot yoga’. It seemed like a more exciting take on regular yoga, and to boot, I was never super bendy that could just walk into any room and get into pigeon or dancer’s pose cold, so perhaps a little heat would help loosen me up. Once I tried it and got used to heat and humidity bit, it really was all that as it was hyped up to be, that – and the bag of chips. I left there feeling completely different than when I came in, thoughts clear, heart open and body rejuvenated. Although I am still a student of yoga and always will be, my journey didn’t lead to the usual next step of taking the yoga teacher training course just yet…but instead found myself opening a hot yoga studio first. So coming from the other side of the coin, and viewing yoga as a student and consumer, made me think of yoga in a bit of a different light. Yoga teachers are amazing people, they live, breathe and exude peace and love and tranquility. I wanted to surround myself in their light and bring others in, who never thought they would take a yoga class, to feel how yoga can make you feel and change your life for the better. I really wanted to drive home the ‘feeling’ of being in a place where you are accepted and happy and surrounded by community and fellow yogis. Who cares if you can’t get into camel pose or bridge? What matters is the way you feel while there, and the profound changes spiritually, mentally and physically that follow by just being. My personal mission and which eventually became WSY’s mission, is to make sure I’m spreading the word about how wonderful this yoga thing is, and that, believe me, you don’t have to be a size 2 or in your 20’s, or start with an unbroken body to do it. I want everyone who may feel apprehensive to feel like I first did, and still do, coming to a yoga class. And by everyBODY I really do mean that. Using yoga instead a vehicle and outreach to get those who never had the means, the confidence or the hutzpa to just jump right in and go into a yoga studio. There are simply too many benefits to doing yoga to ignore, for everyone at any age and any phase in their life to pass up. Our yoga teachers literally just want to help people. And it’s the most beautiful thing to be able to try and capture that in a space and provide it for all of the us. WSY’s mission is that we are an all-inclusive and compassionate business. Every person here is an equal and everyone deserves respect and love, no matter what your life situation may be. Come in some day and just say hi, we would love to chat.

Thank you for the amazing and endearing support from friends and community, you have made this daunting venture the highlight of my life and I love you all for it.